Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is body sculpting/body contouring?

Body sculpting/contouring is a safe procedure used to alter the shape of the human body with NO pain, NO downtime & NO surgery!

2.) What are the advantages of non-invasive procedures?

These procedures are pain free, non-surgical, no down time, no risk of infections and no side effects. These procedures also give instant results!

3.) What is the best service for me?

Everybody is different and EVERY BODY is different! We will be glad to assist you with a consultation. Online consultations are FREE or you can book an appointment for one.

4.) Are results permanent?

Yes! Results are permanent with proper post procedure care. We recommend exercising and encourage healthier lifestyle habits to prolong results.

5.) How many sessions will I need?

During consultation or first appointment we will create a treatment plan based off observation.

6.) Is there an age range?

At least 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.